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Chandra Adams

Chandra Adams

Manager, International Operations


Chandra Adams is the manager of international operations for BSM Consulting, working in its Orem, Utah, office.

In this position, Ms. Adams oversees BSM Consulting’s global strategic initiatives and provides support for its field consultants and various global customers. Her primary responsibilities include creation and implementation of global strategic initiatives, project management and administration, work plan development, content development, senior consulting staff support, and team coordination and task supervision.

In addition, Ms. Adams specializes in developing client tools and resources. She has written extensively on a variety of practice management and staff training topics. She also provides training on various practice development tools and resources.

Prior to joining BSM Consulting, Ms. Adams worked for more than six years for Enhancement Dynamics Inc., a medical practice management consulting company. She also has experience working in a medical practice and other professional office environments.

Ms. Adams earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business management with an emphasis in healthcare management from Colorado State University. She has been a dedicated BSM team member since 2007.