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Gina Kaspar, SHRM-CP

Gina Kaspar, SHRM-CP

Director, Human Resources & Finance

Finance and Accounting

Gina Kaspar, SHRM-CP, is director of human resources and finance at BSM Consulting’s headquarters in Incline Village, Nev. She manages BSM’s HR department and also co-manages the company’s finances and accounting. She works closely with the president and CEO on financial and employee matters.

In her role as finance director, Ms. Kaspar shares responsibility for the development and management of BSM’s annual budgeting process, annual taxes, various state compliances, and other financial matters. In her role as BSM’s HR director, Ms. Kaspar works with employees on a day-to-day basis, helping them to understand health insurance options and ensuring that they follow BSM Consulting’s policies and procedures. She also manages the payroll process and is a key player with the onboarding of new hires.

Ms. Kaspar has written three articles for BSM. Her article “Understanding Practice Perks” appeared in Ophthalmic Professional magazine, a leading industry publication.

Before joining BSM Consulting, Ms. Kaspar worked in the veterinary profession. She served as director of shelter operations for the no-kill animal welfare society Pet Network, where she was responsible for 15 employees. She has also provided bookkeeping services for private clients.

Ms. Kaspar trained with the former director of HR for Hewlett Packard on HR and managing employee protocols. Additionally, she attended veterinary classes at the University of California at Davis. She has been a dedicated BSM team member for almost 15 years.