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Hot Off the Press: 10 New BSM Articles Available

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 9:00 AM

Expert Advice

Written by: BSM staff

Have you been furiously googling how to remain compliant or become a better practice leader? Well, search no further. Peruse our list of recently published BSM articles containing expert advice from our consultants and staff on these subjects and others. Enjoy!

Administrative Eyecare (AE)

Developing Your Mid-Level Managers
By Richard C. Koval, MPA, CMPE
Planning for the internal development of practice managers can relieve some of your burdens by retaining valuable staff and providing optimal value for the practice. Follow the tips in this article to learn how to identify employees within your practice who showcase managerial potential. Read the full article.

Succession Planning: It’s an Everyday Thing
By Allan Walker
No matter how big or small the role, every job movement or change has the potential to significantly affect the entire practice, and ultimately, impact patient care. Learn how to build an all-encompassing succession plan for every position in your practice and secure ongoing, sustainable success. Read the full article.

The Why, What, and How of ASC Staff Training
By Regina Boore, RN, BSN, MS, CASC
A comprehensive, well-implemented training program contributes to increased productivity, quality, safety, profitability, morale, and job satisfaction in an organization. This article discusses how to implement a thorough staff training model that will contribute to improved facility performance. Read the full article.

Signature Requirements: Still an Issue
By E. Ann Rose, FASOA
If a signature is missing or illegible on important documents, a medical review auditor may deny the services and implement a refund request. This article offers advice on how to avoid unnecessary payment denials, rejections, or overpayment by ensuring your signature processes meet industry standards. Read the full article.

Ophthalmic Professional

Customer Service: Turn Gold into Platinum
By Elizabeth Monroe, COE, CPSS, PHR
Use the “Platinum Rule” to take your customer service to the next level by treating patients how they want to be treated. This article offers some factors to consider when applying this rule in your practice. Read the full article.

Compliance: Make Your Website ADA Compliant
By Jolynn Cook, RN, COE, CASC
This article provides an overview of the recently published Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, which provides a set of criteria intended to make the web more accessible to everyone. 
Read the full article.

Practical Dermatology

Stake a Claim: How to Manage Your Online Directory Listings
By Amy Klink and Heather Peffley
Directory listings are becoming an ever-important part of your practice’s branding and marketing. In this second installment of their online directory series, authors Klink and Peffley discuss how to manage your practice’s online directory presence. Read the full article.

What’s Your Priority?
By Andrew Maller, MBA, COE, and Maureen Waddle, MBA
Remaining disciplined better prepares you to handle interruptions, tackle new tasks, and face setbacks. Learn how to develop an effective prioritization system and appropriately manage your daily tasks in this article. Read the full article.

Ophthalmology Management

Best Practices: Plan Now to Get on the Right Track
By Laurie K. Brown, MBA, COMT, COE, CPC, CPMA, OCS, CPSS
Start the new year off on the right foot by evaluating your team's priorities. This article provides best practice recommendations you can implement to ensure a successful 2019. Read the full article

Assessing New Business Opportunities
By Andrew Maller, MBA, COE
Practices that take advantage of perceived opportunities are those committed to a disciplined process. Read this article to gain insight on how to approach new opportunities in an objective and systematic way. Read the full article.

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