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Expert Roundup: Valuable Business Blog Posts of 2018

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 9:00 AM

Expert Advice, Hot Topics

Written by: BSM staff

Every year BSM strives to provide clients with tools and resources to enhance their ability to make better business decisions. One way we accomplish this is through our blog, where we offer expert advice. To help your business be successful in 2019, we've selected eight of our most insightful blog posts from this past year to share with you. 

Without further ado, below are our favorite business-oriented posts of 2018 that we feel are relevant as practices ramp up for another busy year. Scroll through the list and revisit your favorites or find new advice to use in 2019 — we hope you find the entries informative and helpful. BSM will continue to publish valuable posts for you this year, so be sure to check out the BSM Blog every Wednesday for new posts. Happy reading, and best of luck in 2019. 

Consider This: Assessing New Business Opportunities Requires a Formal Approach

By Andrew Maller
Considering the feasibility of any new business opportunity requires assessing the various strategic, operational, and financial elements of the project. Learn what "assessment" questions you should ask.

'It Depends:' Calculating the Value of a Practice for Business Transactions

By Dixon Davis
Do you want to know how much your practice is worth? While it's a seemingly straightforward question, discover the many diverse factors that go into determining an accurate figure.

Survey Says: Popular EHR, EPM Systems Used by BSM Clients

By Elizabeth Monroe
Select BSM Connection® members completed a Hot Topics Survey in September about the EHR and EPM systems they use in their practice. Find out what they said.

Recruiters Beware: Red Flags to Spot When Hiring a Leader

By Marla Galasso
With today's tight labor market, employers still need to carefully screen job applicants. In this post, a BSM recruiting expert shares the red flags to look for when vetting leadership candidates.

Make an Impact: Leadership Essentials All Managers Need

By Glenn Morley
Do you want to be the most effective practice administrator possible? If so, start by learning what leadership traits are highly valued and desired by physician owners.

Growing Perioperative Nurse Shortage Puts Medical Facilities at Risk

By Leanne Gallegos
The U.S. nursing shortage is anticipated to get worse in the coming years. Read what one of our ASC experts thinks would help with attracting and retaining operating room nurses.

MIPS 2019: What You Need to Know

By Laurie Brown and Elizabeth Cifers
This new year, make it a resolution to remain compliant. Read about the recent changes to the MIPS program to ensure you're prepared for 2019.

The Appropriate Use of Social Media

By Ryan Miller, CEO of Etna Interactive
While social media offers promising benefits for clinics, there are risks involved. Learn the dangers associated with inappropriate use of social media in a medical setting and how to avoid them.

YOUR TURN: Which 2018 BSM Blog post did you find most helpful and why? We'd love to know. Please leave your comment in the section below. Thank you.

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