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Hot Off the Press: 6 New BSM Articles Available

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 9:00 AM

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Written by: BSM staff

BSM consultants and staff were busy over the past few months, authoring numerous articles for several respected ophthalmology magazines. Below is a roundup of what BSM experts had to say (in writing) with links to the full articles.

Administrative Eyecare (AE) magazine

Reimbursement: 10 Steps for Streamlining the Appeals Process
By E. Ann Rose
One of the most common mistakes a practice makes is assuming that payments from Medicare and other payers are always correct. Medicare and other payers make mistakes, too. Often this can be corrected by simply filing a new claim. If not, the inappropriately denied claim should always be brought to the attention of the payer via the appeals process. Here are several steps to help make the appeals process a little easier. Read the full article to learn more …

Parsing the “Fine Print” in Private Equity Acquisitions
By Dixon Davis, MBA, MHSA, and Maureen Waddle, MBA
If administrators have not yet heard questions about selling to private equity groups, it won’t be long until they must be prepared to help their owners consider selling to such an investor. This article is designed to help administrators understand the evolving world of private equity and eye care. Read the full article to learn more …

Spirit Squad: How to Fix Broken Morale
By Margaret Moran
If low morale is present, it needs to be addressed immediately. It won’t simply go away on its own. Luckily, as a leader, you can directly impact employee morale by shaping people’s jobs and the overall practice environment. To elevate low staff morale, follow the tips discussed in this article. Read the full article to learn more …

In a Happy Place: How to Build a Harmonious Practice
By Allan Walker
Building and sustaining a happy, positive work environment — one where your staff enjoys coming to work, is respectful of coworkers, and goes the extra mile to provide consistently outstanding patient care — requires regular focus and attention. Don’t ever assume that issues will naturally work themselves out over time. Rather, creation and maintenance of a harmonious practice requires diligent effort by its leaders, in everything from hiring the right people to leading by example. Read the full article to learn more …

New Retina MD

Six Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Testing Equipment
By Laurie K. Brown, MBA, COMT, COE, OSA, OSC, OCS, CPSS
When I was a practice administrator, I learned that purchasing new testing equipment can greatly impact the profitability of a practice. To ensure that you make the best business decision possible, significant due diligence is required. This article details six important questions to ask before making a purchase. Read the full article to learn more …

Ophthalmic Professional magazine

Customer Service: Lessons Learned at the Grocery Store
By Elizabeth Monroe, COE, CPSS, PHR
The grocery store that I frequent has thought of how to make its customers’ lives easier. By offering quality, taking care of the little things, and asking for feedback, this company has successfully turned a mundane event into a positive experience. Ophthalmic practices can follow the same principles to increase their patients’ satisfaction. Read the full article to learn more …

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