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Hot Off the Press: 9 New BSM Articles Available

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 9:00 AM

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Written by: BSM staff

Have you been furiously googling how to improve workplace communication or handle merger integration? Well, search no further. Peruse our list of recently published BSM articles containing expert advice from our consultants and staff on these subjects and others. Enjoy!

Administrative Eyecare (AE)

Handling Culture Shock When Surviving a Merger
By Richard C. Koval, MPA, CMPE
Although intimidating, mergers should be viewed as an opportunity to position yourself and your practice for future success. Follow the tips in this article to learn how to efficiently and gracefully navigate a merger, ultimately benefitting patients, doctors, and staff members. Read the full article.

Tips for Making an ASC’s Medical Records More Compliant
By Vanessa Sindell, MSN, BSN, RN
Unfortunately, capturing comprehensive medical records 100 percent of the time proves difficult for ASC management and staff. This article discusses effective policies and systems that can help manage the most common challenges ASCs face regarding documentation compliance. Read the full article.

Global Fee Periods Revisited
By E. Ann Rose, FASOA
This article covers the different types of global fee periods, including time frames, medically necessary services furnished by a surgeon, and appropriate coding modifiers. Read the full article.

Acknowledgement — The Frequently Forgotten Step to Better Communication
By Maureen Waddle, MBA
Successful practice administrators are able to effectively communicate in a respectful manner. This article explains how incorporating acknowledgment when communicating with staff enhances practice culture and the work environment. Read the full article.

Modern Aesthetics

Managing in Challenging Times: Why “Soft Skills” are Beneficial to Managers
By Allan Walker
The ability to discover, develop, and use an employee’s “soft skills” is a talent that all practice administrators should hone. Anyone can build a strong, compatible team by identifying, hiring, and rewarding workers who possess the important soft skills outlined in this article. Read the full article.

Ophthalmic Professional

Customer Service: Experience Provides Memorable Lessons
By Elizabeth Monroe, COE, CPSS, PHR 
This article discusses how to draw from past experience to provide excellent customer service when facing adverse situations or patients. Read the full article. 

Compliance: Practice vs. ASC
By C. Jolynn Cook, RN, COE, CASC
While it is never “wrong” to provide extra training, it can be costly for the practice and confusing for non-medical employees. Use this article to help determine if an ASC training topic is required or an extraneous expense for your practice. Read the full article.

Practical Dermatology

Successful Meetings: It’s All About the Follow-up
By Lisa Peltier
A well-executed meeting is only as successful as its follow-up. Follow the tips in this article to achieve greater outcomes and tangible results by learning how to put additional focus on what occurs after meetings. Read the full article.

Spirit Squad: How to Fix Broken Morale
By Margaret Moran
Low employee morale is directly tied to a decrease in job satisfaction and poor work performance. Therefore, it is in the best interest of a practice to manage morale effectively by using the tips outlined in this article. Read the full article.

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