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Aesthetic Medicine Solutions: Discover How We Can Help You

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 9:00 AM

Aesthetic Medicine, BSM Products and Services

Written by: BSM staff

Written by Lori Poznansky
Former Senior Consultant

Now that you’ve met the new, dynamic aesthetic medicine (AM) team, we’re excited to tell you more about what we do. At BSM Consulting, our mission is to provide you, our valued clients, with business management tools and resources that enhance your ability to make better business decisions.

For more than 15 years, our team has been furnishing expert advice to aesthetic medicine specialists across the nation. We’ve proudly earned an outstanding reputation for guiding solo and large multi-physician dermatology, plastic, and cosmetic surgery practices toward improving operations and outcomes. 

Our ability to serve our aesthetic clients’ needs rests on a foundation of more than 100 years of combined consulting experience and a wide variety of experiences and expertise. As a result, our clients can count on us for guidance across a wide range of practice management areas.

Below is some of what we offer:

Strategic planning. To be successful in today’s challenging business climate, you need to plan for the future. Strategic planning involves honestly assessing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats — and adjusting accordingly. The AM team is intimately familiar with strategic planning and can help guide you in this worthwhile effort. In particular, BSM can help conduct stakeholder surveys to identify key needs and opportunities, facilitate leadership planning meetings, guide your team toward high-value strategic priorities, and assist with effective tactical implementation.

Business valuation. Whether contemplating your exit strategy, considering a merger, or taking on a new partner, having a solid understanding of the value of your business is essential. How much your practice is worth depends on many factors, including the state of the economy, industry dynamics, and your balance sheet. The AM team provides practice owners with an accurate, objective assessment of fair market value and practical advice for maximizing future valuation.

Financial management and benchmarking. A disciplined approach to financial management is the cornerstone of every well-run practice. For more than 15 years, BSM Consulting has been conducting financial benchmarking surveys for medical aesthetic, dermatology, and medispa practices. Over that time, we have helped hundreds of practices improve their financial tracking and understanding of efficiency and productivity ratios. As a result, our clients are armed with the tools and information to make better decisions to improve their business operations.

Operational efficiency. Today’s patients expect more than ever from your practice. Delivering an outstanding customer experience and optimal treatment results, while still maintaining cost and time efficiencies, has become more challenging. Our consultants can conduct a thorough in-practice assessment and provide you with detailed recommendations for increasing provider productivity, reducing operational waste, optimizing patient scheduling and flow, and much more.

Leadership and provider recruiting support. As most practice owners and administrators have learned, hiring the wrong employee can be costly to practice finances, culture, morale, productivity, and progress. Yet the demands of creating and maintaining an effective hiring process can be daunting. Our BSM leadership and provider recruiting support team can take the pain out of finding the right personnel fit for your practice. Our flexible scope of services include assistance with job descriptions and posting, screening and interviewing candidates, assessments and reference checks, and employment negotiations.

Contracting and compensation. Entering into new contract agreements requires careful consideration by all parties. For more than three decades, BSM Consulting has been entrusted by physicians to provide the framework for successful partnerships. Our experts can assist you with new provider feasibility analysis, compensation modeling, role negotiation, performance and exit clauses, and coordination with legal and tax advisors.

Staff training and development. Your team is your most valuable asset. Setting your employees up to perform their roles with confidence and excellence always pays enormous dividends toward your bottom line. Whether onboarding a new staff member or upskilling your whole team, our AM consultants are experts at building step-by-step training plans to ensure your team has a path to heightened productivity and engagement.

If you would like to learn more about how the BSM aesthetic medicine team can tailor a customized solution for your practice needs, please reach out to schedule a complimentary call. We welcome the opportunity to meet you, understand your goals and challenges, and partner with you in optimizing your practice!

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