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BSM Compliance Calendar: Conquering Compliance One Day at a Time

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 9:00 AM

BSM Products and Services, Billing, Coding & Compliance

Written by: Laurie Brown

Laurie Brown
Senior consultant

As a former practice administrator for 20 years, I understand that compliance can be daunting. Administrators constantly wonder where possible holes are, how much risk exists, and how to get it all done. I’m a big proponent of putting what you can on autopilot, so you can stop thinking and worrying about compliance tasks constantly.

When trying to address compliance, I find the following principle applies: “Touch the mail once and deal with it.” Meaning do not pick it up, read it to find out if action is needed, then set it down and go on to something else, only to do the same thing in a week when you pick it up again. That’s not a lean — or efficient — process. Compliance is similar in that we don’t want an unproductive, redundant system in place. To me, establishing a standard, ongoing plan that streamlines your compliance efforts makes a lot of sense.

As a practice administrator, I initially used my Outlook calendar to stay organized, scheduling compliance activities when appropriate to ensure I addressed them. It helped me to know I was doing all the required activities and keeping track of them as efficiently as possible. This was the genesis of the BSM Compliance Calendar that we recently introduced.

Click here to download the calendar and view a 30-minute webinar hosted by Laurie Brown on how to use this valuable tool.

The BSM Compliance Calendar breaks down various compliance activities to do throughout the year, but it is customizable to meet your practice's specific activities and focus. Some practices may have annual facility compliance needs (e.g., sprinkler inspections and fire marshal walkthroughs), while others rent and those tasks are left to a facility manager. I know administrators are pretty in tune with their requirements and when they change by constantly tracking industry news, participating in society email listservs, and reading government updates. Yet each listed calendar item is accompanied by a suggested informational resource to avoid unnecessary research and enhance efficiency.

To get your compliance activities completed in a timely manner, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks and tracking to appropriate staff members. I like the idea of keeping records electronically. Keep the BSM calendar on a shared drive, and use it as a way to efficient track who’s in charge of each activity, what activities are completed, and which ones still remain. Remember, while electronic documents can be viewed by the entire staff, they can also be locked so only certain personnel can modify them.

We hope you find the BSM Compliance Calendar helpful. By being organized (i.e., using a plan specifically customized to meet the needs of your practice), you can minimize your practice's compliance risk, provide efficient documentation of your activities, and reduce stress. It is important to treat your compliance plan as a living, breathing document — one that must be updated and referred to regularly. It cannot simply sit on a shelf collecting dust. It’s far worse to have an unused compliance plan than not having one at all. Putting your best effort forward is always the best offense!

Do you have a compliance plan in place? If not, the BSM Compliance Calendar is just one of many practice management tools and resources offered through BSM Connection® for Ophthalmology. BSM Connection is a subscription-based online offering for the entire practice. Visit to learn more.

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