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The BSM Leadership Summit: Embrace Your Inner Leader

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 9:00 AM

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Written by: Laura Baldwin

Laura Baldwin
Senior Consultant

At BSM, one of the greatest joys we experience is supporting clients through their leadership journey. While there are many opportunities for us to do so through our BSM Leading Edge offering, one that I find particularly enjoyable and fulfilling is the BSM Leadership Summit.

Summit Inception

After brainstorming the idea of an in-person leadership training program for several years, our inaugural Leadership Summit was held in February 2018. Honestly, we were a little nervous, since our team felt a tremendous responsibility to create an impactful experience for participants that would leave them with a “wow” factor. Months of careful planning, including content development, logistical coordination, and constant communication with attendees resulted in a group of 14 amazing clients coming together for several days of learning and fun in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. We created a dynamic environment to foster leadership growth and equipped each person with learnings that could be applied within their practices and teams. A year later, we embarked upon our second BSM Leadership Summit in Scottsdale and successfully duplicated the experience with eight more fantastic clients.  

As with the initial Summit, the feedback from participants was humbling. It gave all of us a sense of satisfaction knowing we had been a part of the leadership journey for our clients. Recently, I spoke with one of the attendees, and we were discussing the Summit. I asked her how she would describe her experience and she said, “I’m not sure I could explain it to anyone. I didn’t know what to expect, yet I walked away with a completely new and different way to behave as a leader. It changed me.”

The Summit Experience

So, what is the BSM Leadership Summit all about, anyway? It’s an experience that challenges each person to gain a deeper awareness of leadership strengths and opportunities and put those learnings into action, which can help build stronger teams and successful organizations. Prior to arriving, participants complete a 360-degree feedback survey, personality/communication assessments, and an initial call with one of BSM’s certified professional coaches. These exercises set the foundation for the in-person, two-and-a-half day Summit, where attendees will dive deeper into specific leadership concepts and our core pillars through engaging, thought-provoking, and interactive sessions. Throughout the training, real-world scenarios and case studies are used to help reinforce application of learnings. Participants also create an action plan that allows them to leave with clear next steps and leadership priorities that will be the most impactful to their teams and organizations.


BSM Leadership Summit attendees and facilitators gather in Scottsdale, AZ.

In addition, one of the most beneficial aspects of attending the BSM Leadership Summit are the connections made among attendees. We intentionally limit the number of participants to under 20 to create a small, intimate setting that fosters relationships and creates a safe environment to share successes and, just as important, leadership struggles that we all face.

To further facilitate personal connections, part of the Summit includes a special event evening. For example, in Scottsdale we had a fun-filled evening at TopGolf, where everyone could relax, enjoy a buffet dinner, have great conversations, and show off their golf “skills” to some amusement (good leaders know the importance of humor and laughter, too)! This thoughtful combination of training, bonding, and fun enables everyone to build a new network of friends and colleagues to stay engaged with and use as an ongoing peer resource after the Summit ends.

Embrace Your Inner Leader

If you are ready to take the next step in your leadership journey, join us at the BSM Leadership Summit. Whether you are a physician, administrator, or executive, the Summit will help equip you with the skills necessary to create a purpose-driven culture and increase team performance, engagement, and satisfaction while aligning with the goals of your business.

Are your ready to invest in your leadership development? Register today at, or call us at (800) 832-0609 to learn more.

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