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Content Marketing 101: Launch Your Practice Visibility

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 9:00 AM

Expert Advice

Written by: Carolyn Hooper

Carolyn Hooper
Manager, Marketing & Business Development

Content marketing is a frequently used term to describe the technique of developing, distributing, and sharing valuable content online to a targeted audience. Ideally, the content produced will result in a loyal customer base, increased visibility, and new business opportunities.

Companies large and small are turning to content as a natural way to educate consumers about their products and services while increasing brand awareness by way of information sharing. In fact, 61 percent of consumers say they feel better about a company after reading custom content, according to Mashable.

Many medical practices understand the importance of content marketing as it relates to the health care industry; however, they don’t know how to get started. Here are three practical examples to consider when building your content marketing efforts in your practice.

1. Develop a Blog to Increase Brand Awareness

Blogging is a great way to provide regular, timely, and relevant updates to your existing and potential patients while driving traffic to your website. Your blog can set the tone for your practice “voice” and be an effective way to increase brand awareness when done right.

It’s important to plan out your blog content carefully and focus on topics that educate your patients — rather than selling products or services — in order to earn their trust. When generating blog post ideas, ask yourself, “What do my patients want to read?” Some ideas may include medical trends, frequently asked questions, case studies, and popular medical product reviews, to name a few.

2. Create an Email Newsletter to Drive Patient Retention

Sending out a regular patient newsletter through an email marketing system like Constant Contact® or MailChimp® can be a cost-effective way to stay in touch with existing patients.

The goal of a patient newsletter is to develop meaningful content that tells a visual story. To determine what content to include in the newsletter, ask yourself, “Would I take the time to read this if I was a patient?” and “What information is valuable to my patients?” Consider highlighting recent blog posts, industry articles, health tips, upcoming events, and staff spotlights in your newsletter.

Whether you’re creating a catchy email subject or selecting an image for your feature story, keep your narrative clear and concise, while remaining visually appealing to your audience. Spend time designing your email template upfront to ensure the look, tone, and feel is a professional representation of your brand. Finally, be consistent with your design layout for each newsletter so patients know what to expect.

3. Publish Articles to Build Credibility

To quote my colleague Alex Blevins in a recent BSM Blog post featuring tips on article writing, “… being featured in a respected industry publication will increase your professional visibility, further credential you as an expert, and enable you to reach a wider audience.”

Whether you’re the practice owner, an administrator, or a staff member, being published in a trade journal is a great way to credential yourself while benefiting the entire practice through exposure. If you’re not ready to contribute to national publications just yet, start small. Build up your writing experience by authoring blog posts, newsletters, and/or LinkedIn articles.

When writing, pick a topic that you are passionate about and carve out a narrative that places you as the expert. Back it up with data — such as statistics or quotes from other industry experts — to reiterate your message. The more you write, the better positioned you’ll be to advance your own credibility and that of your practice.

Content is king for a reason — it’s effective in today’s digital, social age. For that reason, when you think about building out your integrated marketing approach for the new year (and beyond), consider adding the key content components outlined above to help you achieve long-term brand success.

YOUR TURN: How do you use content to raise the visibility of your practice? We want to know. Please leave your comment in the section below.

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