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Aim High: Exceeding Expectations is a Core Principle of BSM

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 9:00 AM

The BSM Way

Written by: Laura Baldwin

Laura Baldwin
Senior consultant

Expectations — what a loaded word! Everyone has them, yet each person may have a different expectation, which makes it difficult to apply a single standard that allows you to exceed them all. But it is possible to exceed expectations — whatever they may be.

At BSM, we take pride in aiming high to exceed expectations — not only those of our clients’ but each other’s, as well. In the nearly 10 years that I have worked for BSM Consulting, I can say with confidence that exceeding expectations is a core principle of the company. How do we achieve it?

By following the below practices with every interaction.

  • Demonstrate genuine care and concern. We care deeply about our clients, and treat each one as if they are our only client. We feel the challenges our clients face and make every effort to convey our care and concern, while offering solutions to help. This is how we treat internal members, as well. If someone on the BSM team is hurting, we all hurt. If someone is celebrating a great accomplishment, we are right there celebrating with him or her!
  • Be kind. It sounds simple, but to be kind all the time is not easy. We all have bad days, and too often we allow our own emotions impact our ability to show kindness. Being kind can be as simple as offering a warm hello, inquiring about another person’s day, saying ‘thank you,’ or expressing gratitude. Frequently, we get caught up in the hectic pace of life and overlook the opportunity to extend kindness to those around us. At the end of the day, my basic expectation is that people be kind. If that isn’t met, nothing else matters.
  • Anticipate needs. We are often told that we know what our clients need before they do! When we create a report for a client, it’s not just about the report. We think ahead that perhaps the client may want to share certain information with others, and we proactively create a PowerPoint presentation without being asked. It’s all about going above and beyond!
  • Say "thank you." Two little words that mean so much but are often underutilized. We appreciate our clients and saying "thank you" is one way to extend our gratitude for their loyalty to BSM. I am blessed to work with people that also extend thanks to each other daily, which creates a positive, happy work environment.
  • Apologize when necessary. We all make mistakes, but the difference is owning those mistakes and issuing a heartfelt apology. Sometimes all someone wants to hear is a simple, “I’m sorry I did not meet your expectation.” Making excuses, justifying why something happened, or refusing to take accountability sends the wrong message.

Exceeding expectations is something each of us should strive for daily and take pride in achieving. Success in this area really comes down to incorporating a few basic principles and actions into your everyday life. That’s what we try to do regularly at BSM.

YOUR TURN: What will you do today to exceed someone’s expectations? Please leave your response in the comment section below.

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