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The BSM Leadership Summit: Participant Testimonial

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 9:00 AM


Written by: Glenn Genest, MD (guest blogger), Steve Ieraci (guest blogger)

Editors note: Dr. Genest and Mr. Ieraci are a physician-administrator dyad who attended a BSM Leadership Summit as a team. Below they discuss their shared experience and how it has impacted the practice. 

From left, Glenn Genest, MD, Managing Partner, and
Steve Ieraci
, Executive Director/Administrator with 
New England Dermatology & Laser Center 

In spring 2018, we had an opportunity to participate in the inaugural BSM Leadership Summit, a leadership training and development program. While we didn’t know exactly what to expect, we knew attending was an essential part of our leadership journey. More importantly, attending together was an opportunity for us to not only enhance our personal skills, but also to support the important connection and alignment between us as physician and administrative leader.  

Our practice, New England Dermatology & Laser Center, is an 18-provider, five-office single specialty dermatology practice. To support the success of the business, we are required to effectively lead and manage a variety of personalities and operations. Given that we were both relatively new in our respective positions, we were open to anything that would allow us to become better leaders and assist our practice.  

Experiencing the Summit 

There were many useful techniques we learned at the Summit, including how to:

In addition to the important behavioral leadership learnings we gained, we were challenged with some tough financial case studies during the Summit. Learning how to use data in a strategic, critical way when providing information to shareholders was a valuable lesson. In our positions, we have a fiduciary responsibility to the practice, so ensuring we are not just presenting the data but helping to educate and inform the business owners is critical.  

Another great aspect of attending the BSM Leadership Summit was the intimacy and depth of sharing among the participants. It’s always quite impactful to listen to peers reflect on their experiences and appreciate the similarities and differences that exist. The small number of participants (14) really created a safe and effective environment that allowed us to feel connected and somewhat vulnerable in sharing those things that sometimes aren’t working so well in our practices. We became a cohesive, interactive group in a short period of time. To this day, we feel we could contact anyone that attended the Summit, and they would be willing to help us.  

After the Summit 

Once we returned to our practice, it was important that we communicate what activities we did, their impact, and how we wanted to apply our learnings. After all, we had spent three days away from the practice in beautiful Scottsdale, Ariz., so we needed to instill confidence that we learned something!  

We started this effort with the shareholders and board, providing specific examples of how we envisioned utilizing our enhanced leadership skills and the impact we believed they would have on the organization. We also shared information with staff so they would have an appreciation of what we were committed to doing as leaders in the organization. We both felt a strong obligation to be role models and practice what we learned to build trust and currency with individuals and collectively throughout the organization.  

Helping us achieve this obligation was the huge individual gains in our respective leadership skills. We enjoyed increased confidence, improved listening, receptivity to feedback, and improved flexibility and decreased rigidity in thoughts and decisions (to name a few). Without a doubt, investing in our respective individual leadership journeys was beneficial to us and our entire organization.  

Since we attended the Summit together, we came back to the practice better aligned on how to leverage what we learned and how to demonstrate consistent leadership behaviors that supported our needs and helped us navigate some challenging situations. To this day, we still reference the Summit when talking through situations in our practice.  

Invest in Your Leadership Journey 

Taking time away from your practice is difficult. We all find reasons why we can’t get away or why the cost is too much. But sometimes the value you get is exponentially more than what you pay, which was our experience with the Summit. If you’re a leader in your organization, the BSM Leadership Summit is the perfect opportunity to improve your leadership skills and benefit your organization. We’ve experienced it firsthand! 

BECOME A BETTER LEADER: The next BSM Leadership Summit is Feb. 19-22, 2020, in Phoenix. Register to be part of this leadership training and development program. To learn more, view the Summit flyer or visit

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