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Leadership Development

Effective leadership is the cornerstone of organizational success. The BSM Leading Edge is here to help.

Organizations with engaged, effective leaders are more likely to create a purpose-driven culture that involves all team members in supporting and achieving the strategic goals of the business.

At BSM Consulting, we help our clients understand the importance of developing a culture of leadership and the potential return on this type of investment. Throughout the past 40 years, we have built a strong reputation guiding clients through a variety of key leadership opportunities within their organizations. We have the expertise you need to help create a purpose-driven culture and increase performance, engagement, and satisfaction while aligning with the goals of your business.

The BSM Leading Edge provides a unique approach to leadership development. Our goals include assisting customers in:

  • Identifying and developing effective leaders who are well-equipped to create and manage positive, highly functional teams.
  • Developing enhanced leadership capabilities that may help increase business performance, satisfaction, and employee engagement.
  • Reaching professional and personal goals, unlocking growth potential, and empowering confidence.

The BSM Leading Edge is designed to provide customized training and leadership support to physicians and business leaders to help create a culture of leadership within the entire organization. Our philosophy is based on three core pillars.


Understanding the importance of a mission, vision, core values, strategies, and goals within an organization, providing leaders and all employees with a clear direction of what they are working toward.

Emotional intelligence

Recognizing and understanding the impact emotions have on one’s ability to develop and maintain effective relationships, including managing through conflict.


Understanding the synergy between effective communication and business success by gaining insight into typical communication preferences and learning how to flex to enhance leadership success. ​

Leadership is a journey, and we are passionate about helping you with your organizational and individual development. Creating a culture of leadership that supports your mission, values, and goals impacts everyone. More specifically, it allows for engagement and alignment of high-performing teams that positively impact the organization, and most importantly, the patients you serve.

The BSM Leading Edge can help you navigate through:

Organizational Changes

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Changes in leadership (governance, change in managing partners​, new practice administrator/executive​, etc.)
  • Significant changes in practice strategy (e.g., expanding service lines, adding or closing offices​)

Employee Engagement Challenges

  • Poor employee satisfaction
  • High staff turnover​
  • Interpersonal conflict

Planning for the Future

  • Building upon your organization’s strategy/goals
  • Succession planning
  • Develop leadership bench strength

Schedule an initial complimentary consultation.

Every engagement is unique. A complimentary consultation with a member of our team can provide an opportunity to discuss your needs and goals so we can partner with you to help provide the insight, training, and support in developing a culture of leadership within your organization. This may include:

Organizational Alignment

Helping you create a mission, vision, core values, strategies, and goals that provide the roadmap to business success and support highly functioning teams.

Leadership Development

Providing expert guidance and customized training solutions to help you develop leaders not only for today, but also for the future of your organization.

Executive Coaching

Our seasoned coaches partner to help you with self-discovery, allowing you to uncover your own solutions, unlock your full potential, and remove barriers to success.

Recruiting Support Services

When you engage with us, we will guide you through a proven step-by-step process to ensure we find the right candidate – not just any candidate.

BSM Leadership Summit

Empowering physicians, administrators, and other practice leaders, this three-day program challenges you to gain a deeper awareness of leadership strengths and opportunities and how these can be leveraged to create successful teams and businesses.

BSM Connection for Ophthalmology

Leadership development is an ongoing learning process. Access our in-depth online library of proven practice management tools, resources, and distance learning courses to supplement your organization’s ongoing leadership needs.

Progressive Surgical Solutions eSupport

This comprehensive online membership offers ambulatory surgery center compliance and management resources in one convenient location. The eSupport program is constantly updated so leaders can meet the demands of running a compliant, successful ASC with confidence and peace of mind.