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Practice Management Programs

Our unique skills, proven expertise, and practical knowledge,
packaged to meet your specific, targeted needs.

Staff Certification for Ophthalmology

Providing certification and continuing education to your staff increases the quality of patient care. Join your colleagues who use our Certified Patient Service Specialist (CPSS) program to offer a professional development pathway for employees, as well as to provide exciting new growth opportunities for experienced staff.


Curious about how your practice is doing from a staff and patient perspective? Not only will we do the asking for you, but we’ll organize the feedback and make recommendations on where to focus your next steps.


Our benchmarking program focuses on the important metrics your practice should track to diagnose operational challenges and drive profitability. Work with one of our experienced consultants to perform a financial check-up of your practice and see how you comprare to others in the industry.

Human Resources

Managing people is complicated. Let us help simplify your human resource needs with comprehensive staff management tools and resources that will ensure your staff is satisfied. 

Market Analysis

Having detailed information about the demographics of your marketplace and the location of other practices can influence various aspects of practice operations, including marketing, business line decisions, and payer contracting. We do the research; you get the results. It’s that simple.