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Customized financial and productivity reports complete with expert advice.


Learn more about benchmarking from
Andrew Maller, MBA, COE - Principal and Senior Consultant, BSM Consulting

When it comes to the financial health of your practice, a little help can go a long way. Our experienced consultants can assist in:

  • Focusing on key operating metrics
  • Assessing current performance and comparing it to historical results
  • Identifying trends and changes
  • Uncovering opportunities including provider productivity and staff efficiency
  • Facilitating business planning and decision making by using data to evaluate options


Numerous report options are available for your practice, including the ability to breakdown some benchmarks by region or by sub-specialty. One of our financial consultants works with you from project inception to scope your needs and find the right deliverable for your practice.

How it Works

Identify the need for benchmarking.

Contact BSM to discuss program options, execute services and confidentiality agreements.

We work with you to obtain necessary financial and production data.

BSM analyzes data and prepares a comprehensive report with benchmark comparisons.

BSM facilitates a phone consultation to review the report, areas of opportunity, and next steps.

Practice implements changes, if necessary, and monitors ongoing results.