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Employee Wage Scale

Develop customized wage ranges for each position in your practice. 


Most would agree that fair and competitive compensation is an important factor in attracting and retaining talent, but it can be difficult to know how your employee wages compare to those in the marketplace. The BSM Employee Wage Scale program provides comparative data specific to the eye care industry, and regionally adjusted to reflect the location of your practice. 

Our experienced consultants can assist in:

  • Comparing your staff's salaries to ophthalmic industry benchmarks

  • Showing salary recommendations specific to your geographic location

  • Demonstrating how wage scales can be used to reward both tenure and experience

  • Helping you use data to develop a standardized staff compensation program in your practice

How it Works

Practice decides to investigate staff salary ranges.

Practice contacts BSM to discuss program options, and executive services and confidentiality agreements.

We work with you to gather staff wage/salary, job title, and tenure listing.

BSM analyzes wage data and prepares comprehensive report with wage ranges and industry comparisons.

BSM facilitates a phone consultation to review report, areas of opportunity, and next steps.

Practice implements changes, if necessary.