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Employee Satisfaction

If you want to...

Hear directly from staff on issues that matter to them

Get grounded on practice-wide satisfaction and morale

Identify the source of an employee problem

Direct development efforts for staff and/or management

Simply check-in with employees

Demonstrate renewed commitment to staff

Improve your office environment

…This is how you start.

Many of our consultants have run practices, and we’ve all managed staff. Staying connected, and keeping everyone happily on board and moving in the same direction can be both rewarding and challenging. Our Employee Satisfaction Survey helps get you there.

Learn More about Employee Satisfaction from Elizabeth Holloway, COE, CPSS, PHR, Principal, Senior Consultant, BSM Consulting

How it Works

You decide to implement the Employee Satisfaction Survey.

Contact BSM to discuss options, review survey questions, and purchase program.

We work with you to initiate and distribute an online survey.

We assemble results and findings into a comprehensive report.

We facilitate a 1-2 hour phone consultation to review the report, areas of opportunity, and next steps.

We create and send an action plan based on the report discussion.

You incorporate key learnings going forward.

We work with practices large and small to assess and improve their 

employee satisfaction levels, and we can help you do the same.

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