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Online Patient Satisfaction

Are you regularly obtaining organized, written feedback from your patients?

Are you getting feedback on a by location, by provider basis?

Are you tracking patient satisfaction over time to identify trends?

Are you assessing how your practice’s feedback compares to other like-kind practices in your industry?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple,
inexpensive solution for you to do this?

Learn more about the Online Patient Satisfaction Survey program from Kellie Wynne - Senior Director, BSM Consulting

There is. Capture and assess patient satisfaction with our flexible online system.

We have been conducting patient satisfaction surveys for 15+ years, and have developed an easy-to-use online platform to assist you in the regular collection and assessment of patient satisfaction data for your health care practice. 

An annual subscription provides unlimited survey responses, 24/7 access to real-time reports, and comparison data from other like-kind practices across the country.

How it Works

You determine a need for Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Contact BSM to discuss the program, survey types, and purchase an annual subscription.

We work with you to initiate the online survey.

You invite patients to fill out a survey.

Patients complete online satisfaction survey.

You have 24/7 access to patient feedback, complete with database comparisons.

You incorporate key learnings going forward.

Health care practices of all sizes are using our survey system today.

Contact us to learn more or sign up!