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Online Patient Satisfaction Survey

Online patient surveys are increasingly important for modern eye care practices.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, patients have many choices on where to receive health care and seemingly endless social forums to express opinions (both good and bad) on the care received.

We’ve designed a comprehensive online patient satisfaction survey system to provide ophthalmology and optometry practices with a means for capturing and evaluating patient feedback. This allows participants to compare the experience of patients in their practice to other eye care practices across the country. Once gathered, practices can utilize their specific patient feedback to pinpoint areas of opportunity, shape staff training initiatives, reward stand-out employee performance, and assess the general quality of their patient experience.

Learn how to improve your patient experience through this dynamic program. 

Explore Survey Options

In addition to surveying ophthalmology and optometry clinics, the system also offers surveys for the optical shop, hearing centers, and ophthalmic ASCs. Each survey provides a mix of pertinent questions rated on a scale of 1 – 5 and text fields for patients to enter comments about their unique experience.

Understand the Patient's Journey

Surveys are constructed to mirror the full patient experience, with questions about patient satisfaction from first contact with the practice, through the course of the patient visit, and on to final impressions of the practice and the care received. 

Capture Data by Location and Provider

The patient is asked to select the location visited (if applicable) and the provider seen. Tying each survey response to a location and a provider allows the practice to pinpoint areas for opportunity, as well as identify areas of excellence. 

Review Real-time Data Results in a Flexible, Easy-to-use Interface

Accurate and timely data is key to making informed decisions on how to improve the patient experience. Survey responses are automatically populated into the reporting system, and practices can log in to view real-time reports 24/7. Reports can be sorted by date, location, provider, survey type, or any combination thereof. 

Compare to Industry Benchmarks

Practice reports contain question-by-question comparisons to our extensive database of anonymous survey responses gathered from eye care patients across the country. This real-world, comparative data allows practices to better understand how their results measure against the experience of patients in other like-kind practices. 

Kellie Wynne explains the benefits of the Online Patient Satisfaction Survey

Begin capturing patient feedback in three easy steps.

Register Your Practice Today

Simply contact us to discuss what survey options might be right for your practice and purchase an annual subscription. Each subscription includes:

  • 12 months of system access for one low price
  • Survey set-up for an unlimited number of locations and providers
  • No restrictions on the number of patient surveys your practice can receive

Invite Your Patients to Comment

You can invite patients to complete a survey in several ways. Examples include:

  • Schedule reminders through an automated appointment system or your practice’s electronic health records
  • Refer patients to your website to access survey
  • Place a clickable button in your patient portal to access the system
  • Send paper invitations directing patients to a URL or the practice website

Review Survey Results

Once your patients begin to complete surveys, you will be able to log into the reporting system and see your real-time patient feedback 24/7.

Let’s set-up an initial complimentary consultation.

Sometimes it’s helpful to talk things through. A complimentary consultation with a member of our team provides an opportunity to discuss your specific needs and mutually identify the level of support you need. Since every engagement is unique, an initial consultation can help build a scope of work tailored for your needs.  

Read what our clients are saying.

“The BSM patient surveys are an easy and outstanding way to gauge your employee and physician interactions from the patient’s perspective. This has become an invaluable tool for us to learn how patients perceive our practice. In addition, BSM has been outstanding during the development and maintenance of the multiple surveys we use. The customer service department at BSM is pleasant and responsive to any survey or training needs we have.”

Michael Karp
COO, Eye Consultants of Atlanta