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COVID-19 RESPONSE: Recent developments are impacting our valued clients. Read these helpful resources for navigating this crisis in your business.


COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all of us and will continue to influence the way business is done. As practices begin to feel some sense of normalcy, most are recognizing that long-term success will require continued flexibility and vigilance across a number of areas of their business. In our new webinar series, Re-establishing Your Practice in the Wake of COVID-19, BSM Senior Consultants and industry experts explore some of those areas and offer practical solutions to help practices thrive rather than just survive these unprecedented times.

For many of us, despite the benefits of online programs, "webinar fatigue" has become a real phenomenon over the last few months. The combination of our pre-recorded webinars, packaged related resources, and flexible registration allows you to control not only the topics you sign up for but also the time you can set aside to listen. You can always come back for more webinars later – the choice is yours!


  • $79 per individual webinar
  • Save 10% when you purchase two or more webinars

*If you are an existing BSM Consulting client, you will receive a member discount. Contact customer support at (866) 220-3184 to learn more.


Rebuilding Flow & Efficiency: Parts 1 & 2

Presented by: 

  • Maureen Waddle, BSM Consulting
  • Heather Gerlach, Boling Vision Center
  • Crissy Justice, Kerry Solomon, MD

After several months of practice closures, there is a good deal of pent-up demand for services. For practices re-opening their doors, finding balance and capitalizing on new efficiency opportunities will be key to safely managing both practice flow and the patient experience. In this two-part webinar, we will first hear from a panel of industry experts about their own challenges and opportunities, followed by a session covering specific examples of how you can capitalize on some of these new practices to ensure successful flow and efficiency.

By the end of this webinar, you will be better equipped to:

  1. Create a process that allows you to return to pre-COVID-19 volumes with new safety protocols in place.
  2. Evaluate additional support needs by identifying the best communication lines and frequency with staff and providers.
  3. Use your practice management system to track patients from arrival to check-out.
  4. Use efficient scheduling and flow & efficiency to forecast productivity and revenue.

To facilitate rebuilding your flow and efficiency, attendees will receive: 

  • Department Dashboard Report Template
  • Sample Cataract Consultation Flow Charts
  • Sample Schedule Templates
  • Sample Phone Script (courtesy of Boling Vision Center)
  • Signage Samples

Getting Your RCM Back in Balance

Presented by: 

  • Elizabeth Monroe, BSM Consulting
  • Laurie Brown, BSM Consulting

It is imperative that practices have solid billing processes in place to ensure a stable and reliable cash flow. Challenges with revenue cycle management (RCM) may result in delayed payments, timely filing issues, inefficient billing protocols, or insurance denials. In this 45-minute webinar, BSM Senior Consultants Elizabeth Monroe and Laurie Brown walk you through recommendations to evaluate your accounts receivables (AR) and get cash flowing back into the business post-COVID-19. Also included is BSM’s Billing and Collections Dashboard report, a tool that allows practices to track important RCM metrics each month.

By the end of this webinar, you will be better equipped to: 

  1. Identify the important financial implications of RCM and impact on practice revenue and cash flow.
  2. Understand key metrics for evaluating the health of your RCM and staffing needs.
  3. Identify areas of focus to clean-up your accounts receivable.

To facilitate in getting your RCM back in balance, attendees will receive: 

  • Billing and Collections Dashboard Report
  • PDF of the presentation

Staffing 2.0

Presented by: 

  • Elizabeth Monroe, BSM Consulting
  • Glenn Morley, BSM Consulting
  • Michael Sacopulos, Risk Management Institute

As we continue to hear stories of dedicated employees helping their companies navigate the pandemic, one thing has become clear — staff are the backbone of a practice. To add to this, administrators and managers are juggling an unprecedented number of staffing challenges. This webinar will explore some of the critical staffing issues facing practices today along with policies and procedures to address. When these areas are taken care of teams can come together as a stronger unit, in turn allowing providers to do what they do best — treat patients.

By the end of this webinar, attendees will be better equipped to: 

  1. Address common HR questions resulting from the pandemic.
  2. Identify necessary updates to your employee handbook and emergency preparedness plan.
  3. Staff appropriately given current practice needs and personnel challenges.

To facilitate staffing in your practice, attendees will receive:

  • Sample Protocol for Staff Member Illnesses
  • Related Article
  • PDF of Presentation


Progression Into Recovery with Proper Business Planning

Presented by: 

  • Andrew Maller, BSM Consulting
  • Dixon Davis, BSM Consulting

If COVID-19 has taught practice leadership anything, it is that the need for financial discipline and proactive business planning is more important now than ever before to ensure long-term practice success. Knowing this, BSM Senior Consultants Andrew Maller and Dixon Davis explore best practices for cash flow management, maintaining a healthy balance sheet, and financial forecasting in this 45-minute webinar. Also included is an overview of BSM’s Operating Statement Forecast Tool and other resources to help your practice and its members recommit to the exercise of the strategic planning.

By the end of this webinar, you will be better equipped to:

  1. Use the operating forecast tool to predict future revenue and expenses
  2. Identify the impact on practice budgets and how to best budget with new operational adjustments
  3. Identify the impact on valuations and succession planning

To facilitate the business planning process, attendees will receive: 

  • An Excel-based Operating Statement Forecast Tool
  • PPP Expense Tracker
  • Volume-Based Staffing Model Template
  • Sample Strategic Planning Meeting Agenda
  • Sample Strategic Planning Meeting PPT
  • Sample Stakeholder Survey
  • Strategic Planning Questionnaire
  • SWOT Analysis Template
  • Action Plan Template
  • PDF of Presentation


Healthy Leadership: Put Your Mask on First

Presented by: 

  • Laura Baldwin, BSM Consulting
  • Myra Cherchio, St. Luke’s Cataract and Laser Institute
  • Jill Fredenberg, Gawley Plastic Surgery

COVID-19 has challenged leaders to step up and perform in unexpected ways. For many of them, the need to quickly jump into action, organize and execute a plan, and support evolving practice needs has become the highest and only priority. But what happens when leaders are so busy taking care of everyone and everything around them that they forget to take care of themselves? Join BSM Senior Consultant Laura Baldwin for this lively 45-minute panel discussion on how to assess the health of your leadership to ensure physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Strategies that promote well-being will also be explored, enabling you to be the best leader for your practice and team.

By the end of this webinar, you will be better equipped to:

  1. Focus on ways to optimize physical, emotional, and spiritual self-care
  2. Identify signs and symptoms that could potentially indicate the need to focus on self-care
  3. Identify tools and tactics that can help you fill up your tank

To facilitate your healthy leadership journey, attendees will receive: 

  • Healthy Leadership Handout
  • PDF of Presentation