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Who We Serve - Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

We understand the global complexities of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

BSM Consulting is a well-respected strategic partner for many pharmaceutical and medical device companies across the globe. Working in collaboration with senior management, we help develop realistic strategy and business plans to meet the needs of our clients. 

BSM experts support market research, implementation and report development for online surveys, and database management. We also work closely with marketing teams and other customer-facing personnel to develop and facilitate business management training programs for physicians and practice personnel. 

Our experienced team of consultants has extensive knowledge in health care industry trends, practice management, and outpatient surgery services, which makes BSM a valuable resource for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Global management solutions at your fingertips.

Marketing and Ongoing Strategy

We understand how competitive the global market is. When you engage with us, we provide market research support and implementation among other initiatives to support our client's marketing strategy. 

Private Label Websites

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time and resources to create and manage a website that connects you to your members. We can help with every step of the process to deliver meaningful information to your society.

  • Website strategy and planning
  • Development and ongoing maintenance
  • Packaging of valuable tools and resources

Program Development and Administration

Creating new programs and managing them are time-consuming. We provide report development for online surveys, and database management among other services.

Strategic Planning

Whether you need help with one aspect of your session or comprehensive, start-to-finish guidance, we can help.

  • Identify vision
  • Determine important goals
  • Improve operations
  • Focus on the right priorities

Survey Development and Administration

Surveying members is one of the most effective ways to receive valuable feedback on member needs and concerns. We are here to take the burden out of conducting your own member surveys.

  • Thoughtful questions to spur meaningful, useful feedback
  • Online survey system for easy management
  • Collation of responses and creation of an executive summary report

Training and Development

Let us help you develop and manage ongoing training programs to ensure your employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles.

Let’s set up an initial complimentary consultation.

Sometimes it’s helpful to talk things through. A complimentary consultation with a member of our seasoned consulting team provides an opportunity to discuss your specific needs and mutually identify the level of support you need. Since every engagement is unique based on specialty, an initial consultation can help determine the right approach.