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Transaction Support Services

Knowing the transactional value of your business is critical.

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Accurate, independent, and unbiased assessments help make an informed decision.

As a business owner or potential owner, it's important to understand the value of your medical practice. Whether you are considering an equity offering to an associate provider, acquiring or merging with another practice, exploring the potential sale of your business to another entity, or any other type of transaction, it is critical to understand the components of business value.

At BSM Consulting, our goal is to provide an accurate, independent, and unbiased assessment of a practice's value to help clients make informed decisions. Every business transaction is unique, and our customized approach is geared toward meeting your exact needs.

With more than 40 years of experience, BSM regularly represents the buyer and seller in transactions, requiring valuations for ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and plastic surgery practices, as well as ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

BSM Consulting offers business valuations and overall transaction support for the common situations listed below.

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Purchase or sale of a practice

When looking to purchase another business or sell a practice/ASC, our team can help you estimate the business value and assist with the business terms of the purchase agreement such as pricing, post-sale compensation of the seller, and other transactional considerations.

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Aquire or merge with another business

If your business intends to be part of a merger or acquisition, BSM can provide a valuation of each entity and supply overall support related to the strategic, financial, and operational considerations that must be addressed in the process.

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ASsist ASsociate physicians in reviewing partnership offers

As an employed associate approached by the business to become a partner, BSM can help you review the offer and term sheet, assist with pricing and other buy-in terms, and provide education on the overall feasibility of the opportunity. We also routinely provide valuation services on behalf of associate physicians.

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ASC Valuation services

If you are an ASC owner or an outside investor looking to sell or acquire shares, BSM can help you in determining the approximate value of the facility, whether involving an inter-doctor transaction or a corporate/institutional buyer.

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Estimate the fair market value of Equipment

BSM can help you determine the fair market value of tangible assets such as medical and office equipment, furniture, leasehold improvements, and computer hardware and software. While BSM does not perform physical asset appraisals, our team does rely on industry-accepted methodologies for valuing assets that are suitable for most transactions.

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Extend ownership offer to an employed physician

When a practice intends to offer co-ownership to an employed associate, it’s important to conduct a full assessment of the opportunity. Our team will provide an estimate of the fair market value of the business, including assessment of tangible assets, deliver guidance to determine the extent of goodwill and recommend how this amount should be structured, and ultimately help in creating a fair buy-in structure that is reasonable for all parties.

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Whether you’re dealing with an employment agreement, office lease, letter of intent, purchase/sale agreement, expense-sharing arrangement, or other documents, our experienced consultants can identify provisions that may deviate from the norm, suggesting ways that terms might be improved for greater equitability, and assessing the implications of certain provisions in ways that help you make an intelligent and informed decision. We can also work with your attorney and tax advisor as needed to create an effective comprehensive team of experts.

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If your practice or ASC is considering a sale to a private equity or corporate buyer, our experienced team can help to ensure a successful closing. Our goal is to provide education, allowing you to make the best decision possible regarding the future of your business. Our team will provide a realistic estimate of your business's value, prepare a customized marketing presentation to promote the opportunity, and work with interested parties to secure the best offer. You will also receive support with financial and operational due diligence and our team will work closely with accounting and legal advisors to get you to the finish line.

While we can effectively guide you through a variety of transactional support scenarios, our consulting team does not provide legal support. With any of these types of transactions, we strongly recommend retaining qualified legal and tax counsel.

"Without the guidance of BSM, we could not have navigated through the merger of our practices. The thoughtfulness and thoroughness of each step along the way was incredible."

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