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Health care business management is complicated. We can help.

In 1978, Bruce Maller founded BSM Consulting with one goal in mind — to provide clients with business management tools and resources needed to enhance their ability to make better business decisions. 

Since then, we have continually furnished expert assistance to an ever-expanding list of clients in the health care industry, earning an international reputation as one of the foremost health care consulting firms. Our mission has and will always be to provide high-quality, cost-effective business management consulting, tools, and resources to our clients.

BSM Consulting follows a set of core values.

We understand how important core beliefs are when building a strong company vision, culture, and identity. That’s why we hold ourselves to these four pillars.

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We stay light on our feet and adaptable – listening, learning, and evolving.

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We challenge ourselves to continuously "raise the bar" by focusing on exceeding customer expectations.

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In an environment of mutual support and respect, together we deliver real solutions.

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We believe that every decision and outcome is based on how well it serves our customers.

"What ultimately differentiates us from others is the degree to which our clients implement the things we agree to in the consulting engagement."

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Bruce Maller

CEO & Founder of BSM

Meet Your Trusted Team of Experts

Executive Leadership

Bruce Maller Bruce Maller Principal Founder & CEO

Judy Williams Judy Williams Principal President

Regina Boore Regina Boore Principal, MS, BSN, RN, CASC Senior Vice President,
Progressive Surgical Solutions


Laura Baldwin Laura Baldwin Principal, CPC, ELI-MP, RN Senior Consultant

Crissy Benze Crissy Benze MSN, BSN, RN Senior Consultant,
Progressive Surgical Solutions
Laurie Brown Laurie Brown MBA, COMT, COE, CPC, CPMA Senior Consultant

Dixon Davis Dixon Davis Principal, MBA, MHSA Senior Consultant

Cyndi Krause Cyndi Krause BSN, RN, CRNO Senior Consultant,
Progressive Surgical Solutions
Kirk Mack Kirk Mack COMT, COE, CPC, CPMA Senior Consultant

Andrew Maller Andrew Maller Principal, MBA, COE Senior Consultant

Elizabeth Monroe Elizabeth Monroe Principal, COE, CPSS, PHR Senior Consultant

Glenn Morley Glenn Morley Senior Consultant

Vanessa Sindell Vanessa Sindell MSN, BSM, RN Senior Consultant,
Progressive Surgical Solutions
Debra Stinchcomb Debra Stinchcomb MBA, BSN, RN, CASC Senior Consultant,
Progressive Surgical Solutions
Maureen Waddle Maureen Waddle Principal, MBA Senior Consultant

Client Education Services

Emily Whitley Emily Whitley Principal, MBA Senior Director,
Client Education Services
Haley Weik Haley Weik Manager,
Curriculum & Content
Margaret Moran Margaret Moran Senior Specialist,
Publication Services
Alex Blevins Alex Blevins Specialist,
Publication Services
Carla Werner Carla Werner Specialist,
Client Education Services
Dane Viel Dane Viel Specialist,
Client Education Services

Client Support Services

Kellie Wynne Kellie Wynne Principal Senior Director,
Client Support Services
Courtney Leonis Courtney Leonis Director of Operations,
Progressive Surgical Solutions
Chandra Adams Chandra Adams Manager,
International Operations
Christina Blamire Christina Blamire Manager,
Client Support Services
Diedre Emerson Diedre Emerson Manager,
Client Support Services
Megan Weiss Megan Weiss Manager,
Client Support Services
Ally Pusich Ally Pusich MBA Senior Specialist,
Client Support Services
Phyllis Billington Phyllis Billington CPSS Senior Specialist,
Client Support Services
Lyn Crisologo Lyn Crisologo Specialist,
Progressive Surgical Solutions
Shaylin Childs Shaylin Childs Specialist,
Client Support Services
Tynaia Kirkpatrick Tynaia Kirkpatrick Specialist,
Client Support Services
Jenni Peterson Jenni Peterson Specialist,
International Operations
Elise Thacker Elise Thacker Specialist,
International Operations

APC Operations & Financial Benchmarking

Edward Wynne Edward Wynne Principal Senior Director,
APC Ops & Financial Benchmarking
Amy Klink Amy Klink Senior Specialist,
Content Management
Lisa Burt Lisa Burt Senior Analyst,
Financial Benchmarking
Dan Brown Dan Brown Senior Analyst,
Financial Benchmarking
John Wampler John Wampler Analyst,
Financial Benchmarking
Steffanie Brockovich Steffanie Brockovich MBA Analyst,
Financial Benchmarking
Brent Richwood Brent Richwood Specialist,
APC Operations
Erin Parks Erin Parks Specialist,
APC Operations

Business Operations

Gina Kaspar Gina Kaspar Principal, SHRM-CP Director,
Human Resources & Finance
Patti Towns Patti Towns Director,
Finance & Accounting
Barb Collier Barb Collier Specialist,
Nolan Umana Nolan Umana Senior Analyst,
Financial Services
Christen Price Christen Price MBA Senior Analyst,
Financial Services

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