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Who We Are

Health care business management is complicated. We can help. 

In 1978, Bruce Maller founded BSM Consulting with one goal in mind — to provide clients with business management tools and resources needed to enhance their ability to make better business decisions.

Since then, we have continually furnished expert assistance to an ever-expanding list of clients in the health care industry, earning an international reputation as one of the foremost health care consulting firms. Our mission has been and will always be to provide high-quality, cost-effective business management consulting, tools, and resources to our clients.

BSM Consulting follows a set of core values.  

We understand how important core beliefs are when building a strong company vision, culture, and identity. That's why we believe things should be:





We listen and seek to understand so we do it right the first time.

We create practical solutions that can be implemented to enact change.

Every situation is unique. You need services and resources that work for you.

We don't like complicated, and we're guessing you don't either.

Read what our CEO is saying.

“What distinguishes BSM from other firms is our approach to consultation. We take a highly personalized view of things. We approach each situation in a unique and customized way. Before we take on a client engagement, we must understand what the client’s needs are and then determine whether we’re the right fit for that customer. What ultimately differentiates us from others is the degree to which our clients implement the things we agree to in the consulting engagement.”

 Bruce Maller, CEO and founder of BSM

Meet Our Team

Consulting Team