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Increase the quality of patient care.

Hiring the right talent to manage the front desk and interact with patients can be challenging. At the same time, keeping employees motivated, engaged, and satisfied with their career path can have its ups and downs. That’s where the Certified Patient Service Specialist (CPSS) program can help!

CPSS is an online certificate program focused on customer service training and excellence for all eyecare employees. With access to the website 24/7, you can easily give your team the tools and confidence to manage the patient experience from start to finish. Course topics are industry-specific and include interacting effectively with patients, scheduling, demonstrating professional behavior, de-escalating upset patients, phone and email etiquette, and foundational eyecare knowledge.

Program Benefits

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Enhance customer service

Well-trained staff can create a more positive patient experience.

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support staff retention

Affordable growth opportunities encourage staff to remain with the practice long-term.

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improve team morale

A professional certificate can empower each employee to own their role within the practice.


One low fee per employee


per applicant with BSM Connection membership


per applicant without BSM Connection membership

“I feel more confident and knowledgeable in my role as a team leader now that I am CPSS certified. There is always something new to learn, and the different CPSS courses are very helpful.”

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Dina Paulich, CPSS

Laurel Eye Clinic
Brookville, PA

Program Features

A professional career path

Provide staff with a certificate and continuing education to increase the quality of patient care in your practice with the CPSS program.

Whether you are a manager or CPSS candidate, a series of tools and resources will help you implement — and complete — the online certificate program.

  • Course Icon35 online, interactive study courses
  • Course Iconmanagement tools for program implementation
  • Course Iconrecertification resources to maintain cpss status

When you certify your nonclinical eyecare employees, everyone wins.

  • Course IconEnhance customer service skills for positive patient experiences
  • Course IconAffordable growth opportunity for nonclinical staff that supports retention
  • Course IconImproved morale when every staff member has a professional certificate

We understand how important quality patient care is to your practice success, which is why we have outlined the following eligibility requirements for staff to acheive CPSS status.

  • Course IconEmployment in a participating practice
  • Course IconComplete all online training modules and quizzes
  • Course IconSuccessfully pass the certificate exam with an 80% or higher
  • Course IconRegister and gain immediate access to 35 engaging and interactive online training modules.
  • Course IconReview online tnteractive modules that can be completed anywhere, anytime. Each module is designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less and includes a variety of learning activities to support retention. 
  • Course IconAdditional training tools and resources help staff directly apply their knowledge to your practice's unique operatons and patients.
  • Course IconModule quizzes test key learning concepts and prepare the participant for the final exam. 
  • Course IconParticipants take the online certificate exam in a supervised setting, and upon completion with an 80% or higher, receive their CPSS credential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about CPSS or call our customer relations team at 866-220-3184 to speak with a representative.

What is the difference between Certified Eyecare Professional (CEP) and CPSS?

CEP was designed for new clinical eyecare employees and contains more technical information. CPSS was specifically developed for non-clinical employees with a focus on customer service; however, it is great for anyone wishing to elevate their customer experience, regardless if they are clinical or non-clinical.

If I am CEP certified, do I get a discount if I want to get CPSS certified?

Yes, there is a multi-certificate program discount for those who register for both CEP and CPSS.

Can I be enrolled in CEP and CPSS at the same time?

Absolutely! You will have links on your eLearning dashboard giving you access to each program.

What is the cost of CPSS?

It is $145 per individual and $120 per individual for active BSM Connection members.  

Do I need to pay a practice registration fee to participate in the program? 

No, there is no practice fee to participate in the program.

Are there any eligibility requirements before signing up for CPSS?

Yes, you need to be a current employee of an ophthalmology practice.

What is included in the exam?

The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, covering each of the 10 areas of study.

What is the passing score for the exam?

80% or higher is a passing score.

How is the exam administered?

When you are ready to take the certificate exam, schedule a time with your CPSS administrator to be proctored in a supervised setting.

What happens if I do not pass the exam on the first attempt?

If you do not pass on the first attempt, a $20 reset fee is required.

What happens if I do not pass the exam on the second attempt?

If you fail on your second attempt, a two-month waiting period to restudy is required before you can reregister and attempt the exam again.

What does the CPSS program cover?

The CPSS program consists of 35 interactive modules.

What areas of study does the program cover?

The following knowledge areas are included in the CPSS program, each consisting of several different learning modules.

  • Foundational Ocular Education
  • Foundational Medical Information
  • Billing, Coding & Insurance
  • Professional Correspondence
  • Customer Service
  • Workplace Relations
  • Compliance: Workplace Safety
  • Compliance: Data Protection & Privacy
  • Eyecare Practice Operations
  • The Patient Visit

What is included in each module? 

Each module consists of an interactive video, additional resources such as tip sheets or worksheets to reinforce learning, a quiz, and a certificate of completion.

Once certified, how often do I need to renew my certificate?

Once certified, you will renew your certificate every three years. You will need to submit 15 continuing education credits.

What is the cost to recertify? 

The application fee every three years is $50.

Where can I obtain continuing education credits? 

Credits can be earned by completing any online or in-person training that pertains to the field of eyecare. BSM Connection offers over 120 courses that include CPSS credits.


Ready to increase the quality of your patients’ care?

All study materials, access to the certificate exam,
and three-year certificate of completion are included in the fees.

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