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Strategic Planning

A good roadmap leads you to achieving your vision.

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Regular business planning is essential to ensure you are headed in the right direction.

Regular strategic planning gives an advantage to practices that want to meet the ever-changing needs of their local markets. Through consistent strategic planning, disciplined practices are more nimble, able to swiftly take advantage of opportunities, and quickly adjust direction. Planning ensures practices avoid serious financial mistakes and meet realistic, established goals in today's complex health care environment.

At BSM Consulting, our goal is to help health care providers think more strategically and to stay laser-focused on achieving their personal and professional vision. We offer strategic planning expertise to health care providers in ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and plastic surgery. We also facilitate strategic planning with ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), medical trade associations, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

We can help with all or part of the strategic planning process based on practice needs — whether it's simply providing you with the tools to lead your own discussion or facilitating multiple-day planning meetings, our experts will help ensure a successful meeting.

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Preparation & assessment

Preparation is key and understanding the market, situation, and desires of key stakeholders will set the stage for an effective strategic planning session.

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BSM can fully lead a session or provide coaching on how to conduct a successful meeting by reviewing proven methods.

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Executing against your plan is the most critical step in the strategic planning process. BSM will help you identify the important next steps for proper execution.

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"It puts my mind at ease to know I can contact BSM Consulting anytime to help me evaluate an opportunity or to just talk through a challenging situation."

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Kerry Solomon, MD, Ophthalmologist

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The Strategic Planning Process

The three key components to a successful strategic planning session include preparation and assessment, facilitation, and implementation. The BSM team can help based on your unique practice needs. 

Gathering meaningful, relevant information and identifying opportunities for assessment helps leaders make better business decisions. BSM Consulting's assessment tools help you truly understand your market, your situation, and the desires of your key stakeholders. Important items required to prepare for an effective strategic planning session include: 

  • Course IconBenchmarking analysis
  • Course IconCompetitive analysis
  • Course IconDemographic analysis
  • Course IconPractice/ASC situational analysis
  • Course IconPayer analysis
  • Course IconStrengths, weaknesses, opportunties, and threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Course IconEmployee satisfaction survey
  • Course IconFeasibility analysis of various opportunities
  • Course IconAssessment of staffing and provider needs
  • Course IconOne-on-one interviews with your BSM consultant

Whether you host a formal strategic planning session or a series of informal meetings, BSM can help with facilitation. We can fully lead a session for you or coach you on how to conduct a successful meeting by reviewing methods for setting strategic direction for your organization, reaching consensus on opportunities to pursue, and crafting an action plan. More specifically, our consultants can assist with:

  • Course IconConducting a stakeholder survey
  • Course IconWriting a formal business plan
  • Course IconCreating foundational statements, including mission, vision, and values
  • Course IconProviding tools to help you prepare for a strategic planning meeting
  • Course IconPlanning effective meetings with sample agendas

Executing against your plan is the most critical step in the strategic planning process. If you want to effectively implement your plan, your chances increase significantly if you memorialize the plan in writing. You will need to prepare a meaningful financial analysis and take the steps necessary to complete specific projects. We specialize in: 

  • Course IconCreating a key imperatives action plan
  • Course IconExecutive coaching
  • Course IconProject management, including creation of employee manuals, training programs, and webinars
  • Course IconConducting financial impact analysis
  • Course IconCreating budgets
  • Course IconMeasuring and monitoring results to identify corrective action where needed

Schedule an initial complimentary consultation.

Sometimes it's helpful to talk things through. A complimentary consultation with a member of our strategic planning team provides an opportunity to discuss specific needs and mutually identify the ideal level of support. Since every engagement is unique, an initial consultation can help build a scope of work tailored to practice needs.

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