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In the ever-evolving healthcare market, effective use of educational tools and resources has become a key part of running an efficient and patient-centric clinic. With over four decades of experience, BSM Consulting has crafted tools to help bridge the gap between online education and real-life application to empower physicians, administrators, and clinical staff alike with holistic solutions.

From comprehensive online memberships to targeted certificate programs – you will find a variety of tools to help transform the delivery of patient care, streamline administrative processes, and ensure the ongoing success of your organization.

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There are four different programs to choose from based on your organization needs: 

BSM Connection for Ophthalmology 

BSM Connection is the leading online practice management and training resource designed for the entire ophthalmic team, whether it is to earn continuing education (CE) credits or access easy-to-use tools. Program features include: 

  • 130+ courses, including AAPC, AOC, ABO, CEP, COE, CPSS, IJCAHPO, NCLE, and OPS CE credits
  • 600+ customizable tools and resources
  • New and existing webinars on timely topics presented by expert consultants
  • Monthly billing, coding, and compliance alerts

Learn more about BSM Connection here.

Certified Eyecare Professional (CEP)

CEP is an innovative eLearning program designed to give newer clinical eyecare staff foundational knowledge and help them build a lasting career. Program features include: 

  • 25 interactive, online training courses
  • A complete glossary of eyecare terms and images
  • Additional resources, tip sheets, and worksheets
  • Comprehensive online certificate exam
  • Three-year certification period and the use of the CEP credential

Learn more about CEP here.

Certified Patient Service Specialist (CPSS)

CPSS in an online certificate and continuing education program designed to elevate customer service skills for new and seasoned ophthalmic staff. Program features include: 

  • 35 interactive, online training courses
  • Additional resources, tip sheets, and worksheets
  • Comprehensive online certificate exam
  • Three-year certification period and use of the CPSS credential

Learn more about CPSS here.

Coachify Your Approach to Leadership

This program will help leaders of healthcare practices learn to shift their mindset, view daily problems through a different lens, and apply a new approach to leadership. Program features include: 

  • Recorded sessions on integrating coaching principles into daily life
  • Additional resources to expand leadership perspective
  • Monthly live Coaching Corners where coaches are thought partners to navigate real-life situations
  • 1:1 session with a certified coach. 

Learn more about Coachify Your Approach here.

Both CEP and CPSS are a valuable educational resource for anyone in an ophthalmology clinic. 

CEP is targeted towards those who are new to the field of eyecare and helps them build the knowledge to create a rewarding career. Topics are generally clinically focused and include: anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, ocular conditions, refractive errors, and regulatory compliance. Learn more about CEP here.

CPSS is great for both new and tenured staff in eyecare and helps them improve their customer service skills to provide exceptional patient care. Topics are more geared toward customer service skills and include: foundational ocular and medical information, billing, coding, and insurance, professional correspondence, customer service, workplace relations, the patient visit, and compliance. Learn more about CPSS here.

BSM Connection for Ophthalmology fits the needs of ophthalmology practices of any size. It has tools & resources to help with daily operations, staff training, and offers continuing education credits for technicians. Learn more about BSM Connection here.

Coachify Your Approach to Leadership is designed for anyone looking to improve their leadership effectiveness and have a greater impact. Learn more about Coachify Your Approach here.

Certified Patient Service Specialist (CPSS) is a certificate program specifically designed for non-clinical staff members. The modules are ophthalmology-specific and focus on customer service skills in ophthalmology. Learn more about CPSS here.

Certified Eyecare Professional (CEP) is a certificate program designed for new staff members working in the clinic who are new to the ophthalmic industry. These bite-sized, interactive modules accelerate onboarding, and help staff members stay engaged and retain knowledge. Learn more about CEP here.

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